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I am a half decent writer with a lot of enthusiasm. I am a Huff Post blogger, and The Secret Divorcee has been Blog of The Day several times on lovely Mumsnet. I am a regular writer for, and have recently written several guest posts for Mumsnet Bloggers. You can read one about changes to the CSA here. I've also written for online magazines, including Squeamish Bikini.

My children are tween and teenage, and I blog about all things from porn to delayed flights.  I like talking about how being a single parent can actually be a good thing.

Please contact me at for reviews, writing, anything else that takes your fancy. And don't forget, you can follow me on Twitter @secretdivorcee.


  1. Hi Secret - just wondered if you'd realised that your blog and G+ account now appear to have a real name? Is this another example of Google carelessly crushing people's privacy (eg, or was it intentional on your part?

    1. Hi Francis, thanks so much for your concern, but in this instance it is intentional!


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