Sunday, 5 July 2015

A visit to Norfolk

This blog isn't really about pictures (words, words, words) but I love photography too. I've just come back from north Norfolk and managed to take, by some freak of chance, some decent photos. Street photography is my thing, but I would love to be a really good landscape photographer - and so my style is probably a mess of the two.

I'm a West Country girl and so, by nature, highly suspicious of anything east of Heathrow. But Norfolk was a surprise; it wasn't too flat, nor too windy. It has some amazing beaches. And an awful lot of tractors.

First of all: Cromer. Old fashioned, colourful, teenagers on the beach, old people waiting for the show on the pier. (Pier of the Year 2015, by the way.) Cracking.


On the strand



Roy Orbison



There are many stunning beaches in Norfolk. It pains me to say that they eclipse many of Devon's beaches and, the best part is, there are relatively few people there. Here are a few of Weybourne beach.



And from that coast, you can just about make out a HUGE wind farm out at sea.
Ghost wind farm

Finally, I popped to Norwich Cathedral on the way back. The building is beautiful, obviously, but I wanted to share a couple of photos that are a bit different.

There was an exhibition of life-sized religious characters, made by local primary schools. They were incredible. This fella scared the bejaysus out of me, mind.

And lastly, I caught sight of a homeless lady, who walked right in front of the main doors of the cathedral, and started scavenging in a huge pile of bin bags about twenty feet away. It was Sunday. It struck me as ironic that she didn't go into the church for support; and nor did anyone come out to help.

***If you'd like to use or share any of these photographs, please do get in touch first, as I own the copyright. Thanks.***


  1. Gorgeous photos of my beloved Norfolk, Lottie! You've really captured the spirit of what I think of as being 'my' Norfolk - the space and the skies. Glad you made it to the cathedral too - it's one of my favourite places in the world. I can spend hours there, either staring at walls/doors or writing in the cloisters.

    I don't know if it helps to know that the lady you saw is pretty much a permanent resident of the Close, and I see her every time I visit (about every two weeks). She doesn't respond well to being approached, but the staff at the cathedral keep an eye out for her and do what they can. When the weather's bad certain doors that should be locked overnight are left unlocked, if you see what I mean, and fresh food from The Refectory gets left in certain places... That kind of thing. Not much, maybe, but it's all she'll accept.


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