Sunday, 24 May 2015


This blog is about writing - except it isn't today, because I've got some photos to show you from Sidmouth. My holiday slides. (Don't all rush off.)

I've been properly learning about photography for about three years, and I'm still not very good. But what I like about it is trying to see the bits that you might otherwise miss. The moments, the light, the ...oh, I'm talking bollocks, of course.

Anyway, here are my photos from yesterday. I'd love to know what you think.

Lottie xx

I like what the boy on the left is doing here, and the swimmer, mid picture on the right, is mid-stroke.

This couple were all tangled up with each other. I was jealous.

He wasn't dead - I checked

Really lovely plant close to the sea - no idea what it is

Sodding evil seagulls every bleedin where!

Two islands

Leaping girl. Those red markers (rock warnings, presumably) are a bit of a thing at Sidmouth.

I would like to look like this lady when I'm a bit older. She's got a brilliant face.

I witnessed a hefty rockfall here a couple of summers ago. It's forbidden to go on this section of beach but people just seem to ignore the signs. #morefoolthem

Reminded me of my first time on rollerskates. Nice to see they're making a comeback!

I liked the lines in the sea and the blank, flat sky. Only four things to look at; two boats, the marker and a small gull.

Couldn't quite grasp this one but loved the reds and the greens.
Bird's eye view. You can just see a pair of legs sticking out at the bottom.

To finish - the two sides of Sidmouth. It's known as a seaside resort for the oldies, but it's also great for watersports. I've called this photo 'Worlds apart'


  1. Hi,
    thanks for posting your photos. I think they are great. My favourites are the old lady pointing her finger. You are right, she has a really interesting and expressive face and the last one of the couple gazing out to see. They look so at ease and tranquil. I am not so fond of the deck chairs because they are clearly photo-shopped and I personally and not so keen on this - others will really like it though - you could see this photo on a greatings card. Thanks again for posting your photos. Please post more. xx

  2. You have a real knack for photo-journalistic style photography Lottie - pictures that tell a story. My dad used to be a graphic designer and he's always been into all things art & photography and I remember flicking through a huge coffee table tome he's got full of photo's like this but from the news - photos that became famous. Those cliff faces are amazing but a bit scary! The rollerskating kid is great - you've really captured some moments in time there X


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