Friday, 25 July 2014

Gardening can be food for the soul

This is NOT a proper gardening post. Let's get this straight - I am shite at gardening. Beautiful flowers weep and wilt when I come near them. Bountiful vegetables shrivel and die. Lawns go yellow and curl up at the edges.

I am lazy. I have little vision. Weeds grow too fast. Foreign objects appear from nowhere. All the good stuff is very small, and the bad stuff is very big. It is overwhelming.

But, despite being genetically programmed to smell flowers, not plant them, I do love my garden. It gets to this point, late July, every year, when I make the gardening pledge: I Shalt Water My Pots. I Shalt Buy Plants, and Actually Plant Them. I Shalt Weed. I Shalt Do Some Cutting Back. And On Occasion, I Shalt Flick Cat Poo To Next Door But One's With The Three Cats.

And See How They Like It.

I tend to buy plants that I like the look of, like the colour of, or like the scent of. It's only when I get them home that I read the label: "Only plant in the subtropics" or "Grows (and looks) like a weed." Or, more commonly, they get eaten by something slimy within a nanosecond of bringing them home.

Here are some photos of survivors. I don't know the names of some of them, and would love to - can you help?

This is a great plant. I think it's some sort of bamboo, as the stems are hollow. And the bees love it!

Here's my herby pot. I've had it for years, and the thyme keeps on going (although it's a bit woody now). Two types of parsley which are a bit small because we, greedy buggers, keep eating it.

Now this, I think, is Lavatera. Am I right? I grew it in my last garden and it goes like a train. Now a huge plant, so need to cut it back - but will wait til after it's flowered.

 And this, believe it or not, is a cucumber plant! I know!Too cute! I picked it up at a church - someone had left it in a box with a 'please take' sign. Well, someone is watching over this plant because the bastard snails have tried to have their way with it. Despite having few leaves left, it's still squeezing out fruits in a rather desperate and unseemly way.
This plant is orange. And that's all I know.

And this plant is like a multi-headed pom-pom. Is it some sort of hydrangea? I don't know. It made me smile, so I bought it.

Even I know what these are. We've got raspberries too, but I've just cut them down so they look like a pile of twigs with some snail shells scattered about. And the occasional cat poo (pre-fence-flick).

They were tasty though. (The raspberries, not the snails. Or the cat poo.)

And finally. Here are some red flowers. They are nice (that's all I know). And the last photo is of a furry black and white flower that, on occasion (and where there's meat involved) moves very fast indeed.

Dedicated to my Twitter friend Kenny, who know a thing or two about plants. And if he doesn't comment on this then there will be trouble at mill.


  1. Nice photos. Haven't read the words yet. Where's the Philadelphus?

  2. The pretty red one beside the black and white (fast moving flower) is definitely Geranium. Lovely pics! I used to have a back yard garden and grew thyme, strawberries and raspberries among other things. I loved it. I live in an apartment now so just have some pots. I remember struggling with the weeds, too. Nice post, Lottie.

  3. Ha haim shite at gardening too but there is something very therapeutic about it and I do enjoy it. Love the photos some great pics :-)


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