Sunday, 17 November 2013

My 100th Post

I can't quite believe that I've had one hundred spoutings.  Some nonsensical, some practical, most pretty much 'of the moment' and just reflecting what I was feeling at that particular time of that particular day.

But perhaps that's what blogging is all about?  An instantly shareable diary of our feelings, a way to offload the crap and a way to spread the joy of what's happening in our lives.  Sometimes people are interested and sometimes not, and we watch the stats bounce up and down with elation and deflation.  Occasionally a post is picked up by Mumsnet or Britmums, and a huge peak in that all important readership graph makes us feel like real writers - we could write books, for God's sakes; we're not writing bollocks after all!

Well.  If we are or if we aren't writing bollocks, for me, this blog has helped me get my thoughts in order.  It's found me friends - talented bloggers in similar situations, or who are writing about different issues and problems in a sensitive and funny and engaging way.  It's got me in hot water (remember hot flying examiner who found me out?  Yowch...), and it's made me re-consider what I do for a job.  I'd love to be a writer.  One day.  When I'm a grown up.

This blog started as a pure 'How I got divorced' blog, but it soon morphed into a reflection of my real life, which wasn't all lawyers and arguments and spreadsheets.  It was kids and boyfriends and hangovers and work and family and sadness and friendships and vodka.  As all lives are.  Which I think is a healthy thing; you can't bang on about how horrible your husband is ALL the time.

So I just wanted to say a big thank you for reading, for taking interest, and a huge sloppy kiss to anyone who has left a comment on here over the last few months.  And just because I can, here's a photo of some focaccia bread (which I truly only made because it sounded rude) which came out of my half working oven today.  It didn't taste very nice - Paul Hollywood would have spat it out - but it looks ok in the pic.

Night all.  I'm off to enjoy I'm a Celebrity because I'm that way inclined. xxx

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  1. Congratulations on your centenary!! I've enjoyed reading.Focaccia does look good too! X


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