Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Photography as Therapy

About a year ago, I bought a DSLR.  I had seen some photos that the boyf had taken and thought 'I want to learn how to do that'.

I was a bit shit at first.  I would take photos of anything and anyone, pretending that they were interesting (when really they were just in focus.  And some not even that).  But gradually, gradually, I'm learning.  Not only about what makes a good picture, but ISO levels and aperture and what that wheely thing does.

Photography is a great therapy.  If you have a few hours, you can take your camera and yourself away somewhere - anywhere, but preferably somewhere interesting, or where the light is good - and you have a purpose.  To take some bloody good, creative photos.  You can get lost in it.  I have stood in the centre of my home city and observed and listened to and watched and sometimes spoken to a huge number of people, or situations, of cameos.  Here's one:

What do you think is going on?

I've been lucky enough to go to the seaside quite a lot this summer - to Wales and to Devon.  I have never noticed how the sea changes depending on the weather and the time of day.  Here's an example:

This was taken in North Devon on a sunny day.  The sea is BROWN, sandy coloured.  Thing is, it wasn't actually brown, but it just looked it because of how the sun was reflecting off it.  Magic, eh?  It looks like a painting.  But now look at this one:

Argh!  The sea has turned GREEN!  And the sky is sort of...whitey grey!

I could bore you silly with sea photos (I won't), but it's - um - exhilarating to be on a beach when the light is so good that the scene before you looks unreal, almost computer generated.  Awe inspiring.

And talking of awe inspiring... I happened to be on the beach when a landslip came down on the beach next door.  Gulp.

So get yourselves out there, snap away, get lost in people, in places, in light.  Sounds pretentious, and it is.  But it is wonderfully so.

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