Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What I find sexy about the boyf

I had a visit from the boyf this weekend whilst the boys were with their Dad.  We've had our ups and downs, have me and boyf, but good God, I find him sexy.  But why?  To look at, he's not inspiring.  He wouldn't launch ships.  He's got a double bald spot and is 12 years older than me.  He's got arthritis and can't walk very far without limping.  He has depressive episodes.


He oozes something.  Something nice and warm and oozy and spicy.  Something slightly dangerous.

In short, he's hot.  And this is why.

1. He is funny.  Not all the time - when he's depressed he's not a laugh a minute, I grant you - but he is generally very funny, outgoing and confident.  He's the type to sing operatically in public.  To embarrass you.  He is articulate and creative and can make up funny stories.  He makes me smile.

2. His is talented.  He can play piano by ear.  Fuck me, (sorry), but this is a powerful talent to have.  He listened to a favourite song of mine that he hadn't heard before, and played it with all the right chord progressions, inversions, a slight jazz lilt.  I sit.  And listen.  In awe.  And then I generally take my pants off and wiggle my bottom at him.

3. He rides a motorbike - and I can ride pillion.  Like you perhaps, I was always told never ever EVER ride a motorbike.  They are DANGEROUS and only ridden by MORONS.  Well stuff it - I like it.  I like the speed, I like the fact that you have to hold on to your boyf's waist, that you're in such close proximity, that there is a whiff of risk about the whole thing.  Yes. I. do.

4. He sometimes ignores me.  If I text him and he's engrossed in his work, or if he's down, then he won't text back.   He's like a cat that turns his back.  I'm the owner trying to coax him to sit on my lap.  I find this incredibly frustrating but it just makes me want him more.

5, But when he's with me, he showers me with compliments. *sigh*  Young, beautiful, sexy...each one a load of rot (of course) but I'm taken in hook, line and sinker.  I am not used to a man giving me compliments.  It heals my battered confidence and reforms my ego into something whole again.

6. He goes for it in bed.  Nuff said.


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