Thursday, 1 August 2013

Waxing Feminism

I am a bit behind the times, it appears, when it comes to waxing.  A GP friend of mine was telling us, a gaggle of 40 something women, what a ridiculous state of affairs it was that most girls under 30 were muff-less - if you get my drift.

Blank faces all round.

They have brazilians, she said.  All of them.  Pubeless.

Now, hang on a minute.  I am not understanding this for an instant.  So a woman, intelligent, strong, mind of her own etc etc, walks into a beauty salon and says, "excuse me, can you rip out all my vaginal hair and, for the pleasure of which, I will hand over a princely sum of £25 or more.  Oh yes, I know it will hurt.  And yes, I know there'll be swelling and possibly some sort of skin reaction.  But I don't care!  Because that's what my man expects!

Because he watches porn.

Yes, it's all driven by the porn industry (which, by the way, I'm not wholly against - but that's for another day).  Porn actresses are made to wax.  Why?  Because it's good for the angle, good for the light...good for the shot.  It's a directorial decision.

Whenever I've had sex, there hasn't been a director present.  At least, I didn't spot him.  Perhaps he was hiding behind the wardrobe.  So why on earth have young women taken on this waxing gauntlet?  Why have they not said, "Actually, it hurts, it costs, it takes time, it itches and, to be honest, it doesn't look very nice.  So I'm not doing it any more."

By all means tidy up the hedge a bit so you don't get twiggy bits sticking out of your bikini bottoms.  Fair do's.  You don't want people to point and stare on the beach.  Well - maybe you do, but not for that reason.

But don't spend your time and money and energy doing something that pleases him and not you.  Be a bit more natural.  Surprise him.  Do the big reveal in the dark - perhaps he'll think that the cat has got into bed with you.

He might like it.


  1. I think you've got all this wrong. A hairy fufu is no funfun. Its not about doing what HE wants, what you're pitching here is the idea that no woman should do it because they want to be seen as an independent Spice Girl who only does what she wants and to hell with men. This, is, wrong. It should be done as a mutual respect thing, so if she does it, then so does he.

  2. Ah Jordan, maybe you're right. I have to admit that I'm just catching up with this one. Are men really doing it too? If so, that's cool - in a way. But why do it in the first place? I just don't get it. I've had it done. It hurt, cost money, looked nasty (IMO) and itched like crazy.

    I feel like an old person, it's true, who shakes her head at what young people are doing today. I am turning into my mother.


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