Saturday, 10 August 2013

Eating Humble Pie

Ok.  I admit it.  I was wrong.

Those families I told you about.  The ones who didn't have tellies, were veggie, had children called Tarquin etc....they were all lovely.  I am a sneery snobby bitch, and deserve to be flogged.

We had a fabulous holiday.  It was my first one as a single parent, I was surrounded by 'normal' families, and it was absolutely fine.  In fact, they took care of us.  They liked us.  They kept an eye out for us.  They invited us to the beach, to barbecues, to camp fires, to games of cricket.  We were the most popular family there - and we were the weirdy group, the one mum two children oddballs, the people who didn't fit.   Our popularity was nothing to do with our niceness, but the niceness of others.  And bloody nice they were too.

My boys had a great time.  They argued, of course (the worst of which was this morning, when there was a fight over the compost loo and some angsty almost wet trouser avoidance) but the lure of a camp fire every night, with marshmallow toasting and wood chopping, sent them both into spirals of delight.  They went on bushcraft courses and my youngest practised his whittling every night, whilst my oldest got his borrowed axe out and chopped kindling.  (I have to say that this did cause me some responsibility stress so I had to limit 'sharp implement' time to just 20 minutes per day before I had a stroke.)

The tipi was a great success although I had forgotten that it can get quite cold at night, and hadn't really brought the correct bedding.  So we all went to bed in what we were wearing, and gradually got smellier and smellier throughout the week.  I have already told you about the lovely cat.  My youngest now wants a cat for his birthday and has already named this future cat 'Dandelion.'  I am already fretting about how on earth I put a catflap in.  Must look on YouTube.

I took lots of photos but I think this one sums up the holiday.  The skies in Wales are bluer and bigger than anywhere else.  That's official.  I read it somewhere.  This photo is taken somewhere north of St David's; no idea what the islands are called but to me they will always be Booby Islands.

I'm knackered.  Til tomorrow, then.

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