Friday, 12 July 2013

Women are happier post divorce

Really interesting bit of research from Kingston University saying that women are generally happier than men post divorce - perhaps because they feel liberated.

YES!  That's exactly how I felt!  Liberated sums it up.  No more washing his pants and socks.  No more cleaning his excrement from the toilet.  No more cooking his damn tea with his damn no vegetable routine.  I don't have to worry about that any more (except that, occasionally, I do find a pair of his pants in the wash, and this freaks me out - until I realise that the boys have brought them home in the transfer bag by mistake.  *shudder*).

If I forget to put the bins out, it's my fault.  I'm not constantly biting my tongue thinking "shall I remind him?  But he hates it when I do that.  But if he doesn't, he'll forget.  And I hate it when that happens.  I hate smelly bins."  There's no looking at the washing up and thinking "I'm sodding well going to leave that and see what happens."  (What happened, by the way, was that it stayed there until I cracked, washed it up, then sulked for a day and a half.  No one else noticed.)

I don't have to listen to him snore all night.  Hallelujah!  This is bliss.  No more earplugs, no more attempting to push him over (in my head, I was pushing him over a cliff).  No more pleas asking him to brush his teeth before coming to bed.  No more avoiding sex with every excuse under the sun.  (Headache, period, work tomorrow... um, left handedness, leg hurts, too hot, someone might hear, kids....)

No more having to go out to work, and then have to do everything else entirely.

Kingston Uni are right.  It is bloody liberating.


  1. Remember that pic of Nicole Kidman with her eyes shut and arms in the air full of relief and joy as she left the attorney's office when her divorce from Cruise was finalised? Liberated indeed!

  2. Agree about the liberating. But I still have to go out to work, go home, & do everything myself. Liberated & exhausted beats liberated and resentful. Love & support, however (if I am remembering correctly) beat both.


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