Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Is there anybody there?

Am getting a bit downhearted, I confess, about this blog.  I got very excited at one point as I was getting a lot of Russian visitors; only to find that the God of Spam lives in Russia and all of those readers are probably, in fact, hackers or computers.


So if you are out there, and are actually a real live human, could you leave me a message?  Just a hello?  Or how your day has been?  Or your life story?  Just a sign will do.

It would make my day.  Nay, week.  Nay, month.

Please please please and thank you. xx


  1. Hi, sounds like you have a lot on your shoulders. Sorry you're feeling down, chin up eh? p.s. I'm a real person :)

  2. Jean - I have never met you, but I love you. If I knew your address, I would send you a prize. Or at least a thank you card. Thanks so much - you've made my day! xx

  3. Hello! Sam here (@sparklife on twitter). I love your writing style and the blog looks really good from what I've read so far. I've got to rush out now but I'll be sure to check out your posts more thoroughly when I have time. :)

    Take care,


  4. Hi Sam, thanks so much for commenting! Really, really appreciate it. Love your tweets, too. x


I love to read your comments. Please say hello!