Monday, 8 July 2013

Is divorce a feminist issue?

I've been reading a lot of Caitlin Moran recently.  She is funny.  And she's from Wolverhampton.  Therefore she is ace.  I love it when she talks about lady parts, crappy jobs, embarrassing parties...but I sort of switch off when she talks about feminism.  Fem. In. Ism.  Said like that, it sounds like a tampon.

This I know makes me a bad person.  Worse.  A bad woman.  Other women have died - yes, literally died - for my cause, so that I can work on (reasonably) the same footing as a man, not be tied to the sink (unless it is part of a corking sex game) and have as many children as I want.  Or none.  Then stop.

But I don't consider myself a hard lined, hard edged, hard nippled feminist.  In fact, I am ashamed to say (and this is when I am grateful that my blog is anonymous) that I feel that I need a man to be happy in life.


It's shocking, isn't it?

And in fact, what I am busy doing at the moment is making a little cocoon of men around me so that I feel loved and supported and cared for.

It's pathetic.  I've done lots of strong things in my life.  I've cycled 80 miles in a day.  I've run a half marathon.  I've performed in the Last Night of the Proms.  I'm a qualified pilot, for God's sakes.  But despite all of this, I need a man (or four) to love me.

Even as I write this, I'm feeling a bit vommy with myself.  What I would really like is for you to leave a comment to tell me why I feel like that, and how I can stop myself feeling like that.

That would be really useful.    Would you mind?

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  1. Where is everyone??! :-) Ava - you are completely normal in this respect as far as I can see. Its a tired old worn out cliche but "men: can't live with em, can't live without em". You have done amazing stuff. I did the same kind of thing when I broke up with my last 'serious' boyf - internet dating! At 35! Bit of a rollercoaster. I often wonder why we can't just change the rules of society so that we can all live in a female commune - care for each others children, support each other - relate! all share the washing up. You get the picture. Sure men could come in for little sexy visits but then get themselves and their smelly socks back to the men's dorm. Who's with me?!!


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